I am a mom of 5. My kids and my animal rescues are my passion. I have a child with roadblocks; I don’t like the term disability, too permanent. I am not politically correct. I am a very opinionated person and I say what I think. I do not judge you for what you do, even if I disagree with it. I will not apologize for the way that I believe either. I am a Christian. When I say this I don’t mean it in a I am religious person type of way. I have a relationship with Christ. This also means I know I am not perfect and I need guidance, salvation, and grace. I am using this website as a way to share my experiences, opinions, advice, and sometimes vent. There will be stories of my children and their shenanigans, opinions on subjects that mean something to me, and miscellaneous topics if someone asks me to write about something. I am also a very open person. I do not hold back. I am open to constructive criticism and educated debates. You can contact me if you have questions, concerns, debates, or something you want me to write about. Thank you all for tuning in. It’s gonna be fun!!