Is She Sensitive Or Are You Just A Jerk?!

Now a days women are expected to be soft, yet callous. We are supposed to be emotional, yet reserved. We have to be there for everyone and their issues, yet have none of our own. We are told to respect our spouse, support our spouse and care about their feeling. Yet when we want or expect any of that in return it is asking to much or we are being “sensitive”. So that brings me to my question, is she sensitive or are you just a jerk. I am going to touch on some scenarios to hopefully help you figure that out! Oh, spoiler alert, you are most likely just a jerk!

If you want a woman to care about how you feel, you need to care about the same. If you expect a woman to treat you with respect, you have to respect her. You can not expect a woman to be the caring emotional people we were created to be if you do not respect and encourage that aspect of who we are. Do you want us to speak to you and treat you the way you do us? If you do not want us to be “sensitive” you can not call us a bitch when we are no longer “sensitive”. Decide what you want and treat a woman accordingly.

If you speak more harshly to your spouse than you do a random woman you have no connection to, she is not “sensitive”, you are a jerk. If you say please and thank you, call another woman sweetheart, dear, or darlin and speak harshly to your wife, she is not sensitive, you are a jerk. If you complain as you “help” about the fact that you are helping and she gets frustrated about it, she is not sensitive, you are a jerk. If you have to start almost every conversation with the phrase “I am not trying to be jerk, but….” you are a jerk, without trying. If you look at the person you supposedly love and respect and defend how you speak or treat her with the excuse “this is how I talk to everyone”, she is not sensitive you are a jerk. If you have to tell her on a regular basis that you are tired of “sensitive” women, you are more than likely a jerk!

With this last section I am going to help all the jerks out there! it is way more simple than you think to not be a jerk. When you go to speak to the woman you supposedly love and respect, ask yourself, would I snap if she spoke to me this way. Look at the woman you respect and recognize that she is a woman. Recognize that she is an emotional creature. We were created to be more emotional and more “sensitive” than a man. We were most likely created this way because God knew we would need to be more emotional and less logical in order to put up with you. Recognize that if not for our emotional connection to you it would be so much more difficult to put up with the fact that you are a jerk. Learn to show your woman respect and love. Look at the woman you love and think to yourself in your own head that you love her and want to make her smile. Think about all the things she does for you. Think about the fact that she struggles every day because of the words and actions of you. Look at her and realize that maybe you are the reason she is “sensitive”. Decide to not be a jerk. It is so much easier than your would think. If you can not do these things, if you don’t look at her and think to yourself that even if she is “sensitive” you don’t want to accept and cherish her anyway, move on. Don’t make excuses for the way you treat her. If all you are doing is making her feel worse about herself and the person she is, then you are not the one for her. Find a woman that has the energy to deal with a jerk so you can be one. Don’t try and convince the woman you are with that she is the problem!! Good luck guys!! I will keep my hopes up for you that you can find a woman that wants a jerk!



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