Parenting, You’re Doing It Wrong!!

We will start from the beginning. You had a C-section, natural or an epidural. During my last delivery I was talking to a nurse shortly after my epidural was put in and mentioned the fact that labor sucks. Now just to be clear, I had been in labor for 6 hours before the epidural was put in. This nurse had the nerve to tell me that I had not really experienced labor because I got the epidural. Seriously?!! First of all, this was baby number 5. I did my first 3 with no pain intervention and I did number 5 up to the point of adding pitosin. I have most definitely experienced labor. Even if I hadn’t, that is not something you say to someone. If you had pain intervention, did it without, had a c-section, or whatever you did, it was right. It was right for you and your situation. You experienced labor, birth and you did it. Be proud of the life you brought into the world and how you did it! Never let anyone tell you it was not the right way, and if they try inform them kindly of their ignorance and the fact it really is none of their business! You grew a human being inside of you and one way or another it came out. You obviously kick ass!

Next, as your kids grow. You breastfed, awesome, you did what was natural and best for you to do for your baby. You bottle fed, awesome, you did what was best for you for your baby. You co-slept and your baby slept well and safely right next to you, good job!! You put your baby in that bassinet or crib from the start and they slept in it, I am jealous, and good job!! You are doing what you feel as a parent is best for your new baby! That is right, I said it, YOUR baby. Nobody else opinion really matters.

You have one child or you have ten, awesome!! I am so tired of hearing people ask someone with one child when they are having another. First of all, it’s non of your business. Second, it is none of your business. If they plan to have more I am sure they will share that with you. Do not take away the joy they are experiencing with their one child because you seem to think they should have more. Stop asking parents with several children if they know how it happens. Of course they know how it happens. Obviously they at least enjoy making it happen. Also, quit asking if we are done yet, or saying wow that’s a lot. No shit! We know it’s a lot, and why does it matter if we are done. Maybe I want 12 kids. If my kids are happy, healthy and taken care of, why should it matter how many I have? If you don’t like how many children I have, we don’t need to hang out. My kids will come first and I will always choose them over a friendship. I am helping a family member by giving her two kids a stable place to live until she can get on her feet. Don’t tell me how hard it must be, how I already have my hands full, or express sympathy. Having kids is hard regardless of how many you have. You do not give up on family because it may be a little harder. I love my nephews as much as I love my own and I will help with them as long as I am needed. I did not get stuck with them, I am not overwhelmed, I am not upset. I am thrilled that I am trusted and respected enough to be able to take care of these two wonderful boys when they need it. I am blessed to be able to take them and be the best aunt I can possibly be.

So in conclusion to all of this, parenting your doing it wrong! Stop. Stop judging other parents because you think your way is better. Stop making someone feel inadequate because they don’t have enough or have too many children in your opinion. Just stop. If you want to keep tabs on someone who you think is doing it wrong just keep your mouth shut and keep your tabs. When those kids grow up and are assholes you can say I told you so. If not, you never have to admit to being wrong. We all do it different and we all do our best.




April 14, 2019 at 4:21 pm

Preach!! I love this!

Mary Daniels
April 14, 2019 at 6:54 pm

I enjoy reading your blog. You’re very talented. I’m proud of you.

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