Proud to be a Woman?

For my first entry on things that make me shake my head, I am going with the memes and comments I am seeing about being a woman and equality. I see the same women post about being proud to be women and things they hate men doing all at the same time. I feel women are getting so caught up in trying to prove that we are able to do everything a man can do that we lose what makes us women. We are not men. We can not do everything that they can, however they can not do everything we can either. We were created different for a reason. Men make up where we lack and we make up where they do.

I saw a woman post about a man holding a door open for a woman. She stated this was chauvinistic and controlling. That it basically means that he is allowing the woman to enter or leave when he chooses. That he is dictating what she does by simply opening a door for you. This is ridiculous. This person is so hell bent on making men out to be so horrible that she can’t see the fact that it is a respect thing. It is a mans way of showing you he respects you, cares enough to put you first. As a woman, I will hold a door for someone just to be polite. What does this mean of me? Enlighten me on that one, because I thought I was just being polite, but clearly have some deep seeded issues of control going on here. If you are so adamant about something as minuscule and polite as this, please do not make it a generic as a woman situation. Because as a woman I don’t want you attempting to represent me or how I feel about it.

Another post was about a man putting his hand on your lower back or waist when passing you through a crowd, stating they don’t do it to other men so they should not do it to women. Again, for the most part, this is just silly. I would much rather have a man put his hand on my waist or back to ease past me than brush my ass, or front by letting his hands hang. Then there is the whole why not the upper back? I don’t know about you, but when I feel someone touch me, I usually turn to see who it is. If their hand is on my upper back and I turn around, where do you think the hand will end up? Also, I don’t want to be nudged or shouldered like they would another man. So in regard to those two things, just let a man be respectful and quit looking into it. If he grabs your butt or says something disrespectful as he does it, sure be offended. However, if he says excuse me and eases by without a second thought, let him be polite.

Last but not least, you can not complain about all the things a man does to be respectful to you as a woman and then get upset when they are disrespectful. You say you are proud to be a woman, yet you do not want to be treated like one. You say you want equality, but you wouldn’t be OK with a man hitting you back if you slap him. Why? Because you are a woman and that’s wrong. So make up your mind, you are either proud to be woman, or you want to change all the things that define us as such!



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